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Born Cheryl Schuyler on June 28, 1946 in Dallas Texas.  Educated in Washington, New York and California. 

My life has always revolved around art.  I have experimented with many different art forms and mediums.  Right now  I am painting in acrylics, working with photography and am hoping to blend the two in some way.

I became intrigued with African Art.  I love their whimsy and stylized interpretation of nature. I respect their efforts to move beyond naturalism into a more spiritual realm.  My love of African and primitive art has lead me to abstract work.


Abstract is concerned with color, shape and texture rather than showing things as they really appear.  It communicates a feeling and provokes an emotion, giving  the viewer a point of departure allowing  them to create a personal interpretation and relationship with the work.

My process is about learning the steps and then getting out of my own way.  That’s the magic, the dance flows and you just know where to go.

Free the spirit, trust the process and each piece will be surprisingly unique.


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